Poetry: The Palace Festival 2 - Isabella Vento

Poetry: The Palace Festival 2 - Isabella Vento

Das Palace Festival fand im Juli 2018 in Polen zum dritten Mal statt. Es ist ein Residency Programm, das einen Raum für Künstler*innen verschiedener Sparten bietet, sich auszutauschen und an ihren Werken zu arbeiten. Wir stellen euch die Texte dreier englischsprachiger Lyriker*innen und Arbeiten der Fotografin Sophie le Roux vor, die uns auf dem Festival sehr beeindruckt und inspiriert haben. Hier Teil zwei mit Isabella Vento.


When I brush my teeth I think about the spacing

between my teeth. How there are spaces




tighter and looser.

And how the bristles of my tooth brush


won't make their away into these spaces

When I brush my teeth I think about when I was a child and I

am pretty convinced that fruit tasted a lot different then in

fact my grandma often mentions that mandarins don't taste the

way they used to. When I was a child I wanted to be sleeping

beauty and my favorite colour was pink. A chorus in my head of

She is indeed most wondrous fair. Gold of sunshine in her

hair, lips that shame the red, red rose. In ageless sleep she

finds repose. Maybe I subconsciously thought I wanted lips

that shame the orange of what once could be called a mandarin.

Succulent vivid.

When I brush my teeth, I ponder the reason

why my aloe vera is


Her name is Lucy.

She is dying like the leaves in a salad in

my lunch box and also living at the same

time///I think the relationship to my

environment is


I don't think I hang out with animals

enough. My mom named me after Isabella

Rossellini who once said I wanted to look

like a quartered cow hanging in a butcher

shop as well as disturbingly appealing

after she starred in Blue Velvet. I want

to look as disturbingly appealing as Lucy

and I love cows and don't want think of

them in that way. I think the reason why

she is disturbingly appealing is because

she was sold at Home Depot and I am

suspicious of plants that are sold at Home

Depot or at supermarkets or at Home Depot.

When I brush my teeth I think about the word green. I love it

when you say a word over and over and over and over and over

again and it starts sounding disturbingly appealing. Kind of

sexy, kind of luscious, kind of nonsensical.

I'm sorry, I mean unnatural. Unnatural just like the way that

the Virgin Mary looks way too young in Michelangelo's

adaptation of the Pietà, which we went to go see many times

when I was a child at the Vatican. Michelangelo has this view

that he shared with one of his sculptor buddies once he said

Don't you know that women who are chaste remain far fresher

than women who are not chaste. Chaste basically means you

just don't have sex. A synonym of the word according to

google's dictionary is... I N T A C T.

When I brush my teeth

I am no longer brushing my teeth

and there is a strange green liquid

gurgling beneath the filter of the shower

I can hear it.

I’ve often also thought about the food that is

trapped inside my lunch box when I am on

the subway, attempting to escape the spaces

between the lid and container. Like the space

between my teeth. Tight and


I am trying to make love to myself

like the garlic is to the seaweed

inside my lunch box. Garlic fucking

the juice of the meal of my day.

How remarkable is life?

My mother stopped telling me off for using the word

fuck because I think she's just given up on me. She

really loves this designer called Coco Chanel who

once said People think that luxury is the opposite

of poverty. It is not, it is the opposite of


I don't think I ever really grasped the concept.

When I brush my teeth, I can hear this G U R G L I N G. It is

a gurgling, cryptic, green, vulgar chant of prescriptions for

my body phenomena that becomes as intact as the silicon

between the white tiles of this moulding bathroom as important

as the Virgin Mary is to my first grade nun teacher and also

as important and mighty as Home Depot. Because it sure is

mighty, isn't it? But I think it should be as important as the

space between my teeth actually, which is


as meaningless as

the particles in the food inside my fucking lunch box

which are not important to you or to me or to anything.

ISABELLA VENTO ist eine multidisziplinäre Künstlerin aus Italien und lebt in New York. Ihre Kunst verbindet eine Vielzahl von digitalen Techniken. Ihre Arbeit zielt darauf hin, soziokulturelle Rahmenbedingungen, die sich als Konsequenz der modernen Medien und Technologien zeigen, zu erforschen und herauszufordern. Sie hat ihre Werke bei verschiedenen Ausstellungen in London und auf dem BLOOP Proactive Festival in Ibiza gezeigt. Im Moment studiert sie Interaktive Telekommunikation in New York und arbeitet an audio-visuellen Performances und Installationen, die das Publikum direkt einbinden und dazu animieren, sich mit Fragen rund um Identität, Macht und kollektivem Bewusstsein zu beschäftigen.

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