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Poetry: The Palace Festival 1 - Amanda Hohenberg

Poetry: The Palace Festival 1 - Amanda Hohenberg

Das Palace Festival fand im Juli 2018 in Polen zum dritten Mal statt. Es ist ein Residency Programm, das einen Raum für Künstler*innen verschiedener Sparten bietet, sich auszutauschen und an ihren Werken zu arbeiten. Wir stellen euch die Texte dreier englischsprachiger Lyriker*innen und Arbeiten der Fotografin Sophie le Roux vor, die uns auf dem Festival sehr beeindruckt und inspiriert haben. Hier Teil eins mit Amanda Hohenberg.

how i became a lesbian, or on the making of ecological porn (Extract)

make friends

with a tree

close to your home

(make eye contact. touch if appropriate/consensual)

we are taking a walk now

to the closest body of water

naturally, intentionally or accidentally


we are pressing our teeth

letting saliva and tension gather

we spit into the water and listen

(whom are we listening to?)

we have several distinct impulses to kiss one

another especially when we allow for non words

but are inhibited by our conditioning

to be solid bodies

leak free holes

we make a weak joke with “leek” and “leak” and laugh


we look at each others face as if it was a big round well

welcoming us in there is buckets of rivers flowing

and familiar waters streaming out of each others


(where do I know you from?)

we allow the water to wash us

free of hard tissue and tears

with an in-breath we let the water penetrate

every orifice with an out-breath

it trickles down our throats

is coating our inner thighs theres a twig

that gets caught in our solar plexus region and tickles

“whats so funny”


we want to be close but have never done it before

not in this exact constellation

we walk each other home

20 meters before our entrance door we listen to the present state

of our neighbourhood

we are doing nothing that comes as a surprise to the sky

theres no position that the stars haven’t already tried out

Amanda Hohenberg

ist multidisziplinäre Künstlerin, Lyrikerin und Amateurmeereskreatur, die mit Sprache, Körper und aquarischer Erotik arbeitet. Sie lebt derzeit in New York und studiert im Master ‘Writing and Experimental Practice’ am Pratt Institut.

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2. und 3. November: Further* Festival in Hamburg

2. und 3. November: Further* Festival in Hamburg

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